The Outer Banks Community Foundation manages over $14,000,000 in charitable assets and more than 150 separate charitable funds established by individuals, families, companies, nonprofits, and other entities. In 2016 the Community Foundation awarded over $700,000 in grants and scholarships; since the organization’s founding in 1982, we have awarded about $7.5 million in grants and scholarships.

To make sure we continue to meet our philanthropic goals, our board of directors has developed investment policies and guidelines that provide for prudent asset management. Our finance committee, comprised of board members knowledgeable in the investment field, oversees the investment activities of the Community Foundation, together with one or more independent investment managers. Our investment manager(s) select the individual money managers for each type of investment, and monitor the individual money managers’ efforts on an ongoing basis. The Community Foundation board determines the overall asset balance as needed, and the finance committee reviews the portfolio and investment procedures quarterly. Detailed information on current manager(s) and performance is available upon request.

Community Foundation Investment Policy

2015 Form 990

2015 Audit Report

2014 Form 990

2014 Audit Report