Whether you’re an accountant, attorney, financial planner, or investment manager, your clients rely on you for all kinds of financial, legal, tax, and investment advice.

But what about philanthropy… Are you talking to your clients about charitable giving? And what tailored, local resources can you share with them about their philanthropic choices?

The Outer Banks Community Foundation can help. We are your one-stop shop for local, planned philanthropy. The Community Foundation manages over $20 million across 190 diverse charitable funds, providing tailored, flexible services to help donors support the charities and causes that inspire them.

Whether your client wishes to give during his or her lifetime or by bequest, for general charitable purposes or for a specific nonprofit or cause, we are here to help you.

We serve as a partner to lawyers, financial advisors, CPAs, and other professionals, providing you with whatever local, specialized resources, tools, and expertise you need. You can retain complete control of your client relationships, while we act as a resource and partner to assist you in helping your clients identify and achieve their charitable goals.

By the way, if you are an investment manager, and your client is considering a major gift, the asset does not have to to leave your management to be donated to the Community Foundation. If certain conditions apply, we do allow donors to recommend investment managers for some major gifts. Please contact us for details.

Take a look at some of the introductory literature below on strategic philanthropy and the services we offer. Most of this information is in PDF format, ready to print and share with your clients.

Then, please give us a call (252-261-8839) and let us know how we can help.


Resources for Advisors

Client Scenarios

Charity and the New Tax Law: New Strategies for Tax-Advantaged Philanthropy

How to Create a Fund (webpage) and Benefits of Establishing a Fund (webpage)

Types of Funds: Overview (webpage, PDF file)
• Designated Funds (PDF file)
• Donor-Advised Funds
• DAF Overview (PDF file)
• DAFs with the Outer Banks Community Foundation (PDF file)
• Field of Interest Funds (PDF file)
• Scholarship Funds
• Scholarship Overview (webpage, PDF file)
• Scholarship Funds with the Outer Banks Community Foundation: Guide for New Donors (PDF file)
• Unrestricted Funds (PDF file)

Comparing Private Foundations with Donor-Advised Funds (PDF file)

What is “Endowment”? (PDF file)

What to Give and Ways to Give: Overview (webpage, PDF file)
• IRA Charitable Rollover Gifts (PDF file)
• Charitable Remainder Trusts
• Overview of CRTs (PDF file)
• Tax Considerations for CRTs (PDF file)
• Charitable Lead Trusts (PDF file)
• Gifts of Real Estate (PDF file)
• Gifts of Securities
• Gifts of Appreciated Stock (PDF file)
• Philanthropic Strategies with Concentrated Portfolios (PDF file)
• Gifts of Life Insurance (PDF file)
• Gifts by Bequest (PDF file)
• Sample Bequest Language for Gifts to the Community Foundation (webpage)

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