Community Foundation Awards Over $150,000 in Scholarships

From J.P. Knapp Early College to First Flight, Manteo, Currituck County High Schools, Ocracoke School and College of the Albemarle, sixty-eight students have received awards from the generous donors of the Community Foundation, to aid them in their pursuit of a college education.

Thirty-one graduating high school seniors from the five high schools received $79,850 in academic awards. And due to the donors’ desire to continue helping students throughout their college years, seven of the high school students received multi-year scholarships, adding $64,200 in future, committed scholarship awards.

In addition, twenty-nine current college students who previously graduated from a high school on the Outer Banks will receive 33 renewed scholarships from the Community Foundation, totaling almost $65,000 in awards this year.

Even adults are eligible for scholarships! $4,000 is available to Continuing Education students at College of the Albemarle, through the Milton A. Jewell Trade & Technical Scholarships. Eligible classes include those for work force development, where the applicant would be adding or enhancing job skills. Those interested should contact Sherri May at COA via email:

Ian Kenny, a First Flight High School graduating senior, received the Community Foundation’s most prestigious merit-based award, the four-year, $24,000 Milton A. Jewell Academic Scholarship. This award was established by bequest from the late Ruth Medgyes of Southern Shores, and is granted each year to a graduating senior with exceptional academic achievement and outstanding leadership qualities.

Ian, who played on his school’s soccer team for three years, and has skim-boarded competitively, also received the Dare County Association of Fire Officers Scholarship in Memory of Doug Remaley and the Robert E. Rollason, Jr. Memorial Scholarship. He plans to study business with a focus on environmental and transnational management at UNC Chapel Hill in the fall.

Jodi Awtrey, also a First Flight High School graduating senior, received the Jerry & Arlene Davis Scholarship. The four-year, $20,000 need-based award was established by Mr. and Mrs. Davis in 2007 to help hard-working students achieve educational dreams that might not otherwise be possible.

Jodi was involved in several clubs and theatrical productions, played in the advanced jazz band, and has worked part time jobs throughout the school year. She plans to study molecular biology or cognitive neuroscience and join the marching band in the fall.

Katlyn Phillips, a J.P. Knapp Early College High School graduate, earned the four-year, $20,000 Sawyer Scholarship award, which is based on academic criteria, community activities, financial need, and work experience.

“While all of the applicants were outstanding, Katlyn was the overwhelming choice for this new Sawyer Scholarship,” said Nancy Sugg, Co-Chair of the Community Foundation’s Scholarship Committee. “She has worked hard at school, has participated in clubs, and volunteered in the community as a student board representative for both the Currituck Board of Education, and Currituck Kids, where she also serves as volunteer coordinator. She plans to study nursing at ECU this fall, and will be working this summer teaching life skills to two autistic children.”

Ms. Sugg continued, “Katlyn brings a special kindness and empathy to her chosen profession which will make a significant difference in the lives of her future patients.”

When asked what this scholarship meant to her, Katlyn said, “There was a time in my life when I worried that I would not be able to attend college. But it was my passion, my dream, my goal. I decided that I would make it work, no matter what. This scholarship makes my dream so much easier to accomplish.”

A total of 11 graduating seniors from First Flight High School received 17 scholarship awards from the Outer Banks Community Foundation totaling $31,400. Members of the Community Foundation presented these scholarships at the school’s scholarship night on Tuesday, May 17. Left to Right: Scott Brown (Outer Banks Community Foundation), Audrey Bunn, Rebecca Hite, Sarah Mandis, Lauren Mahler, Carla Hardy, Jodi Awtrey, Ashtyn Felthousen, Ian Kelly, Cole Breit, Maggie Roberts, and Lorelei Costa (Outer Banks Community Foundation); not pictured: Nathan Butcher. (Photo by Helen Woolard, Visuals by Helen)

Among the scholarship winners this year is Trey Cunningham, at Cape Hatteras Secondary School, who received the R. Stewart Couch Hatteras Island Scholarship, the Community Foundation’s largest one-year award, totaling $9,000. This scholarship combines a generous bequest left to the Community Foundation by the late Stewart Couch, along with donations raised by the Outer Banks Association of Realtors in memory of Mr. Couch after his death in 2012.

Scott Brown, Co-Chair of the Scholarship Committee explained, “The need-based Stewart Couch Scholarship looks for a ‘diamond in the rough,’ a Hatteras student who just needs a little help to achieve his or her educational dreams. The committee felt that he was the perfect recipient for this generous award.”

Trey played varsity basketball in school for three years and devoted over 300 hours to the Hatteras Volunteer Fire Department and the Frisco Volunteer Fire Department. He has done all this while keeping up with his studies and working multiple jobs to help his family with expenses.

Trey was also awarded three other Community Foundation scholarships: the North Banks Rotary Scholarship, the Dare County Association of Fire Officers Scholarship in Memory of Douglas Remaley, and the Outer Banks Association of Realtors Scholarship. Trey will be attending Cape Fear Community College in the fall, with future plans to pursue an engineering degree at N.C. State University.

The Community Foundation manages 45 scholarship programs on behalf of families, churches, civic groups, nonprofits, and businesses across the Outer Banks. Anyone can establish a scholarship endowment with the Community Fund, or contribute to one of our existing scholarship funds. Since the organization’s inception in 1983, the Community Foundation has awarded more than $1.75 million in scholarships to over 1,400 Outer Banks students. For more information, call 252-261-8839 or visit


Eight graduating Manteo High School students were awarded 13 scholarship awards totaling $15,150 by the Outer Banks Community Foundation. Board of Directors member Nancy Sugg (left) presented some of the awards to Dora Tovar, Columbus Dong, Jennifer (Alex) White, Amber Copeland, Rebecca Boyce, Haley Rea, Kaitlynne Ludolph, and Hannah Deringer (not pictured). (Photo by José Valle)















Outer Banks Community Foundation 2016 Scholarships

Catherine Carrington Clawson Scholarship
Rebecca Boyce: $1,000 (Manteo Class of 2016)

Charles H. & Dorothy S. Luedemann Art Scholarship
Gage Clawson: $1,200 renewable (Manteo Class of 2014)
Natasha Fink: $1,200 renewable (First Flight Class of 2015)
Matthew Harrington: $1,200 renewable (First Flight Class of 2015)
Amelia Kasten: $1,200 (final year of four-year award) (First Flight Class of 2013)
Morgan Leatherwood: $1,200 (final year of four-year award) (First Flight Class of 2013)
Nickolas Nelson: $1,200 (final year of four-year award) (First Flight Class of 2013)
Anastasia Ratti: $1,200 renewable (First Flight Class of 2015)
Haley Rea: $1,200 renewable (Manteo Class of 2016)
Andrew Sanchez: $600 (final year of four-year award) (First Flight Class of 2013)
José Valle: $1,200 renewable (First Flight Class of 2014)
Summer Warrington: $1,200 renewable (First Flight Class of 2014)

College of the Albemarle Foundation Scholarship
Francesca Marie: $615 (College of the Albemarle)
Olga Blyum: $620 (College of the Albemarle)

Courtney M. Burgess Memorial Scholarship
Carla Hardy: $1,500 renewable (First Flight Class of 2016)
Lia Raves: $1,000 renewable (Manteo Class of 2015)

Curtis Creech Memorial Scholarship
Columbus Dong: $1,700 (Manteo Class of 2016)

Dare County Association of Fire Officers Scholarship in Memory of Doug Remaley
George (Trey) Cunningham: $1,000 (Cape Hatteras Class of 2016)
Rebecca Hite: $1,000 (First Flight Class of 2016)
Ian Kenny: $1,000 (First Flight Class of 2016)
Macy Quidley: $1,000 (Cape Hatteras Class of 2016)

Dare County Outer Banks Jaycees Scholarship
Cheyanne Wescott: $600 (final year of four-year award) (Manteo Class of 2013)

Dare Math & Science Scholarship
Victoria Moore: $1,200 renewable (Manteo Class of 2015)

Dorothy Scott Townsend Fletcher Scholarship
Aaron Riffe: $1,000 (College of the Albemarle)
Robert Williams: $1,000 (College of the Alb

Duck Woods Ladies Tennis Association Scholarship
Haley Rea: $1,500 (Manteo Class of 2016)

ECB Land of Beginnings Living Legend Scholarship
Maria Shishova: $347 (College of the Albemarle)

Founders Scholarship (Duck Woods Ladies Golf Association)
Ashtyn Felthousen: $2,000 (First Flight Class of 2016)

Frank M. Cahoon Memorial Scholarship
Hannah Deringer: $1,500 (Manteo Class of 2016)

George W. Neighbors Memorial Scholarship
Cole Breit: $1,200 renewable (First Flight Class of 2016)

Glenn Eure Arts Education Scholarship
Kaitlynne Ludolph: $1,100 (Manteo Class of 2016)

Greg & Eden Honeycutt Scholarship
Arianna Trejo Contreras: $3,000 (Ocracoke School Class of 2016)
Bryan Gray: $1,000 (Cape Hatteras Class of 2016)

Inez Daniels Austin Scholarship
Carisa Rausch: $2,600 (Cape Hatteras Class of 2016)

Jerry & Arlene Davis Scholarship
Jodi Awtrey: $5,000 renewable (First Flight Class of 2016)
Madeline Bailey: $5,000 renewable (First Flight Class of 2014)
Charity Durand: $2,500 renewable (First Flight Class of 2015)
Charles Shotton: $5,000 (final year of four-year award) (First Flight Class of 2013)

John T. Daniels, Lois Pearce Smith and J. Bryan Smith Scholarship
Suzanne Mullins: $1,000 renewable (Currituck Class of 2014)

Kellogg-Cuthrell Manteo Rotary Scholarship
Arturo Lara: $1,400 (Manteo Class of 2016)

Kiwanis Leo Sheetz Memorial Scholarship
Audrey Bunn: $1,000 (First Flight Class of 2016)
Haley Rea: $1,000 (Manteo Class of 2016)

Lacy J. McNeill First Flight Rotary Scholarship
Amber Copeland: $1,600 (Manteo Class of 2016)

Linda Porter’s Shear Genius Scholarship
Hannah Lofty: $1,000 (Cape Hatteras Class of 2016)

Lucian Griffin Scholarship
Hannah McClellan: $1,100 (Currituck Class of 2016)

Mabel O. Cooper Scholarship
Audrey Bunn: $1,500 renewable (First Flight Class of 2016)
Lia Raves: $1,500 renewable (Manteo Class of 2015)
Paige Twyne: $1,500 renewable (Manteo Class of 2014)
Cheyanne Wescott: $1,500 (final year of four-year award) (Manteo Class of 2013)

Milton A. Jewell Academic Scholarship
Taylor Cecil: $6,000 renewable (Manteo Class of 2014)
Ian Kenny: $6,000 renewable (First Flight Class of 2016)
Zachary Owen: $3,000 (final year of four-year award) (First Flight Class of 2013)
Margaret (Maggie) Roberts: $4,000 one-time award (First Flight Class of 2016)
Matthew Thibodeau: $6,000 renewable (First Flight Class of 2015)
Molly Weybright: $2,000 renewable (First Flight Class of 2014)

Milton A. Jewell Trade & Technical Scholarships
$4,000 awarded in 2015 to COA for continuing education scholarships

NCPC Bettye Neff Merit Award in Communications
Brennan Anthony Ivey: $600 (Whiteville Class of 2016)

North Banks Rotary Scholarship
Cole Breit: $1,000 (First Flight Class of 2016)
George (Trey) Cunningham: $1,000 (Cape Hatteras Class of 2016)
Ian O’Neal: $1,000 (Cape Hatteras Class of 2016)
Sarah Mandis: $1,000 (First Flight Class of 2016)
Haley Rea: $1,000 (Manteo Class of 2016)

Ocracoke Island Realty and Village Realty Scholarship
Madeline Bailey: $1,000 renewable (First Flight Class of 2014)
Maclean Frazier: $1,000 renewable (First Flight Class of 2015)
Amanda Gaskins: $1,000 renewable (Ocracoke Class of 2014)
Madeline Nance: $1,000 renewable (Manteo Class of 2015)
Caitlyn Silvio: $1,000 renewable (Currituck Class of 2015)
Courtney Silvio: $1,000 renewable (Currituck Class of 2015)
Daniel Garza Salazar: $1,000 renewable (Beaufort County Community College Student)
José Valle: $1,000 renewable (First Flight Class of 2014)

Outer Banks Association of Realtors Scholarship
Kaitlynne Ludolph: $1,000 (Manteo Class of 2016)
Dora Tovar: $1,000 (Manteo Class of 2016)
Macy Quidley: $1,000 (Cape Hatteras Class of 2016)
George (Trey) Cunningham: $1,000 (Cape Hatteras Class of 2016)
Nathan Butcher: $1,000 (First Flight Class of 2016)
Lauren Mahler: $1,000 (First Flight Class of 2016)
Jodi Awtrey: $1,000 (First Flight Class of 2016)
Cole Breit: $1,000 (First Flight Class of 2016)

Peggy O’Brien Scholarship
David Boswood: $1,304 renewable (College of the Albemarle)

Stewart Couch Cape Hatteras Island Scholarship
George (Trey) Cunningham: $9,000 (Cape Hatteras Class of 2016)

Ralph and Ida Lee Saunders Scholarship
Ryan Carter: $1,000 (Currituck Class of 2016)

Robert E. Rollason, Jr. Memorial Scholarship
Ian Kenny: $1,200 (First Flight Class of 2016)

Sawyer Scholarship
Katlyn Phillips: $5,000 renewable (J.P. Knapp Class of 2016)
Aaron Zeigler: $7,000 (final year of four-year award) (First Flight Class of 2013)

Scott Day Family Scholarship
Ian O’Neal: $1,000 (Cape Hatteras Class of 2016)

Sgt. Earl Murray Memorial Scholarship
Hannah Deringer: $350 (Manteo Class of 2016)

Tom O’Brien Scholarship
Csaba Siska: $1,239 renewable (College of the Albemarle)

Wallace H. McCown Scholarship
Elijah Midgette: $1,200 (Cape Hatteras Class of 2016)
Jennifer (Alex) White: $1,200 (Manteo Class of 2016)

Historic Documents are Safe at the Community Foundation!

Brian McDonald of Outer Banks Heating and Cooling has once again come to the aid of the Outer Banks Community Foundation.

Brian and his company recently donated a mini split heat pump system to the Community Foundation, a value of over $4,400 including installation. This state-of-the-art-dehumidifier is keeping all of the Community Foundation’s historical documents safe and sound in a storage area, preserving them for posterity. This includes historic board meeting minutes, grant applications, financial records, and scholarship applications from over 1,400 students who received awards from the Community Foundation since 1983.

This is not the first time that Brian has donated much-needed equipment to the Community Foundation. Outer Banks Heating and Cooling also contributed a heating and air conditioning unit and its installation for the building’s separate conference room.

Executive Director, Lorelei Costa, said: “We are so deeply grateful to Brian and Outer Banks Heating and Cooling for their generosity over the years. This gift will ensure that our historic records are kept free from moisture and mold. We frequently use this information and wanted to ensure that it is available for future board and staff members in the decades to come.”

The Outer Banks Community Foundation’s Champion Award was presented to Brian McDonald in 2010 by then President, Charles Hardy. The award is given annually to recognize significant volunteer contributions to the Community Foundation.  This year, the award was presented to two Founders and Emeritus Directors, Ray White and Edward Greene, at the Community Foundation’s Annual Meeting in February at Pamlico Jacks Restaurant.

You’re Invited to the Southern Shores Flat Top Tour on April 23

After a hiatus in 2015, the Southern Shores Historic Flat Top Cottage Tour is back! This year’s tour will be held on Saturday, April 23, 2016 from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM. Tour tickets are $5.00 and will be sold on the day of the tour at 156 Wax Myrtle Trail or 13 Skyline Road. The ticket covers all of the cottages on the tour.

Fifty years ago, flat top cottages dominated the Southern Shores landscape. Known for their distinctive cinder block walls, flat roofs, jewel-toned soffits, and vertical shutters, Southern Shores flat tops were designed by Frank Stick (1884-1966), the visionary developer, painter, outdoorsman, and architect. Today, only about thirty Flat Tops remain, most built from indigenous Outer Banks materials.

Sixteen of Southern Shores’s remaining historic cottages will be open for the tour on April 23:

  • 156 Wax Myrtle Trail (Clarke Cottage, and Tour Headquarters)
  • 13 Skyline Road (Outer Banks Community Foundation, and Second Tour Headquarters)
  • 43 Ocean Blvd (Powell)
  • 69 Ocean Blvd (Sea Spray)
  • 113 Ocean Blvd (Knight)
  • 120 Ocean Blvd (4 Gulls)
  • 23 Porpoise Run (Sokol-Clements)
  • 157 Ocean Blvd (Sea Breezes)
  • 8 Yellow Fin Lane (Blair)
  • 159 Wax Myrtle Trail (Falconer)
  • 169 Ocean Blvd (Atlantic Breezes)
  • 172 Ocean Blvd (Pink Perfection)
  • 196 Ocean Boulevard (Toute-de-Suite)
  • 18 E. Dogwood Trail (Oh So Sandy)
  • 218 Ocean Blvd (Mackey)
  • 188 Ocean Boulevard (Mike’s View)

There are two headquarter cottages where tour tickets will be sold: 156 Wax Myrtle Trail (entrance facing Porpoise Run) and 13 Skyline Road (Outer Banks Community Foundation). Maps will also be available at headquarter cottages, detailing the addresses of each open house. Brief histories of the cottages will also be provided. Red and blue balloons will mark cottages that are open on the day of the event.

Many of the houses are within easy walking distance of each other. For those houses, parking will be available at the intersection of Wax Myrtle and Porpoise Run.

All proceeds from the tour will benefit the Flat Top Preservation Fund of the Outer Banks Community Foundation. The Flat Top Preservation Fund is a perpetual endowment that helps fund the maintenance, protection, and preservation of the Community Foundation’s flat top headquarters at 13 Skyline Road. Built in 1953 by Frank Stick, the cottage was donated to the Community Foundation in 2007 and is the only publicly protected flat top in Southern Shores.

For more information, please visit the Facebook page for Southern Shores Historic Flat Top Cottages, or contact Sally or Steve Gudas at 804-399-8342 or

Community Foundation Announces $35,000 in Grants

The Outer Banks Community Foundation announced more than $35,000 in grants to over 15 local nonprofits earlier this month. The grants will assist with a wide range of charitable needs, from veterans groups to arts programs, health care to environmental education, tutoring programs to food assistance.

The Roanoke Island Historical Association (RIHA) and NC MedAssist each received grants through the Community Enrichment Program, which is the Community Foundation’s broadest grant-making program. Community Enrichment Funds are contributed from individuals, businesses, families, and other groups across the Outer Banks.

RIHA was awarded $10,000 for lighting upgrades for the Waterside Theatre, which is the main stage for the Lost Colony production. The new lights will replace old, inefficient spotlights and also provide stronger lighting for the daylight conditions of the play’s new, earlier curtain time.

NC MedAssist was awarded $5,000 for their Free Pharmacy Program to provide life-saving medications to uninsured, low-income Dare County patients. Last year, NC MedAssist dispensed over 1,300 free prescriptions to over 175 Dare County neighbors in need, in addition to helping more than 220 locals with no-cost over-the-counter drugs. This grant will sustain and grow that program in 2016 to better meet community need.

In addition, the Community Foundation also awarded grants from four donor-advised funds, which are funds managed on behalf of businesses and families who recommend the grants that are awarded. The William and JoAnn Small Family Fund awarded a grant to Food for Thought this month, in honor of that organization’s 10th anniversary, and the Francis W. & Virginia H. Meekins Family Fund awarded a grant to GEM Adult Day Services for the Arts in the Park program, helping people with dementia and their caregivers.

The Hester Family Legacy Fund awarded three grants this month: to the Monday Night Alive tutoring program, to the American Legion for veterans at risk, and to the Coastal Family Church for the Dare County Bike Drive.

The Kelly Family Fund, which is the Community Foundation’s oldest and largest donor-advised fund, awarded over $19,000 in grants this month. Recipients included the NC Aquarium Society, the Community Care Clinic of Dare, the Outer Banks Hospital, Outer Banks Sporting Events, Charity Plus of Dare, the North Banks Rotary Foundation, N.E.S.T, and the St. Baldrick’s Foundation, among several others.

The Community Foundation is currently accepting applications for its Community Enrichment Grants Program. The next application deadline is Friday, April 29. Eligible projects must directly benefit all or a portion of the Community Foundation’s service area, which includes all of Dare County, and all Outer Banks communities, from Corolla to Ocracoke Island.

Community Enrichment Grants support all charitable categories, including arts and culture, animal welfare, children/youth, disaster relief and prevention, education, the environment, health, historic interpretation and preservation, and other human services.

The Community Foundation also has dedicated funds to award this spring for aviation education programs and for nonprofits and government agencies in Dare and/or Currituck helping people with disabilities. For more information, and to submit an application online, visit the Community Foundation grants pages at

OBCF Invites Applications for David Loy and Pauline Wright Grants

The Outer Banks Community Foundation is now accepting applications from nonprofits and government agencies for the Pauline Wright and David Aycock Loy Grant Programs. These annual grants are intended to help people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDDs), with a priority emphasis on autism and Down syndrome.

David Aycock Loy Grants are aimed to help children on the Outer Banks with autism or any kind of IDD or learning disability. Charitable organizations that serve these children—or their families—are encouraged to apply. The David Aycock Loy Fund has over $2,900 to award this year in grants, but excellent projects may be eligible for matching dollars from other Community Foundation grant funds.

Pauline Wright Grants are aimed at helping children or adults with Down syndrome or any other kind of IDD. Both nonprofits and government agencies are eligible to apply, but priority emphasis may be given to programs in schools, and/or job-training and life skills programs for adults. Pauline Wright Grants are available for both Dare County and Currituck County. Each county has a separate endowment fund, each with $7,200 to award this year; projects benefiting both Dare and Currituck could draw from both funds. Excellent projects may be eligible for matching dollars from other Community Foundation grant funds.

In past years, the Community Foundation awarded Pauline Wright and David Aycock Loy Grants to: Mane & Taill Therapeutic Horsemanship Academy for camp scholarships; Monarch Lighthouse Club for iPads and kitchen equipment; the OBX Chapter of the Autism Society for social understanding workshops; the Special Olympics for uniforms and athletic equipment; and the Nags Head Fire Department for beach wheelchairs.

The application deadline for Pauline Wright and David Aycock Loy Grants is Friday, April 29. All grant applications must be completed and submitted online through the Community Foundation’s website: Before submitting an application, prospective applicants should first contact Lorelei Costa at 252-261-8839 to discuss their projects.

Also by April 29, the Community Foundation is accepting applications for its Aviation Education Program and for its traditional Community Enrichment Grants Program. Community Enrichment Grants are open to any nonprofit serving the Outer Banks for any kind of charitable project. Areas of interest include: arts & culture; animal welfare; children & youth; education; the environment; disaster relief & prevention; health; historic interpretation & preservation; and other human services. Before submitting an application, prospective applicants should review the Community Enrichment Grant Guidelines online, and then contact Lorelei Costa at 252-261-8839 to discuss their projects.

New Fund for Hatteras Island Will Help Local Charities

A local family has established a new, perpetual charitable fund to aid benevolent projects on Hatteras Island for generations to come.

Founded in partnership with the Outer Banks Community Foundation, the new Hatteras Fund will help meet urgent charitable needs across Hatteras Island, with particular emphasis on health care, food assistance, housing, disaster relief, education, and other essential services.

The local family, which has asked to remain unnamed in any public announcement, has made a generous, three-year pledge to contribute the initial monies for the fund. Hatteras residents — and anyone else who loves Hatteras Island — are invited to contribute as well.

“We are honored to steward this wonderful new charitable fund for Hatteras Island,” said Lorelei Costa, the Community Foundation’s executive director. “Hatteras has long been a special focus for the Community Foundation, going back to our very first grant in 1983, which helped the Outer Banks Hotline establish toll-free service for the island.”

That special focus has continued. In 2015 the Community Foundation awarded over $48,000 in grants and academic scholarships to Hatteras Island, including to the nonprofit Hatteras Village Medical Center for a new defibrillator/pacemaker, to the Frisco Native American Museum for a new longhouse exhibit, and to the Community Care Clinic of Dare for their free weekly Hatteras clinic.

“The Hatteras Fund will give us even more resources to award grants to the nonprofits making the biggest difference for the people of Hatteras Island,” said Ms. Costa.

“Best of all, the fund will be managed as a permanent endowment, so that the fund principal will always remain invested, with just the earnings spent each year for Hatteras grants. That means that the Hatteras Fund will be awarding grants to help Hatteras for generations to come.”

Anyone can contribute to the Hatteras Fund to aid benevolent causes on Hatteras Island. Donations can be made securely online at (please select “Hatteras Fund” from the list) or by mailing a check to the Outer Banks Community Foundation, 13 Skyline Road, Southern Shores, NC 27949 with “Hatteras Fund” in the memo line.

Community Foundation Honors Founders at Annual Meeting

At its 34th Annual Meeting on Feb. 18, the Outer Banks Community Foundation celebrated a record-breaking year in grants and scholarships, and thanked two of its founders, Ray White and Eddie Greene, with Champion Awards. The Community Foundation also announced the winners of its fourth annual Nonprofit Video Contest:

Click here for the full story, and click here to watch all the submitted videos from all four years of the video contest.

Now Accepting Applications For Aviation Education Grants

The Outer Banks Community Foundation is now accepting applications from nonprofits for the Aviation Education Grant Program. Applications are due on Friday, April 29, and prospective applicants should contact the Community Foundation before applying.

The Aviation Education Fund was established by Phil and Mary Woodruff in 2007 to support charitable projects focusing on aviation education. The fund is structured as a perpetual endowment; as such, the principal of the fund remains invested for growth, while a portion is available for grants each year.

The fund has just over $350 to award in 2016, but excellent projects that meet certain criteria may be eligible for matching dollars from other Community Foundation grant funds.

“We invite any organization working in aviation education to apply for this award,” said Lorelei Costa, the Executive Director of the Community Foundation. “Because it is a smaller grant, organizations can apply with a simple, one-page letter that explains their aviation education project and how they would spend the grant money.”

Nonprofits should also attach a copy of their IRS letter verifying their 501c3 status.

“If an organization has a larger project in mind, they can apply for matching funds through our online application,” said Costa. Any larger request should meet the Community Foundation’s Community Enrichment Grants Criteria (click here).

In years past, the Aviation Education Fund has supported projects like the December 17 Aviation Flyby, the acquisition of an educational replica of the Wright brothers’ aircraft, and the procurement of David McCullough’s Wright Brothers biography for the Dare County Library.

The application deadline for Aviation Education Grants is Friday, April 29. Before submitting an application, prospective applicants should first contact Lorelei Costa at the Community Foundation at 252-261-8839.

Community Foundation Accepting Scholarship Applications


UPDATE: Our scholarship application deadline has now passed. Unfortunately we cannot accept any applications, letters of recommendation, Student Aid Reports, or transcripts after the deadline. Scholarship winners will be announced to high school seniors at those schools’ Senior Awards Night in May and June. College students will be notified of their application status in late May or early June.


The Outer Banks Community Foundation is now accepting scholarship applications: CLICK HERE TO APPLY ONLINE (link now disabled). The application deadline is 11:59 pm on Sunday, March 27.

The Community Foundation manages 45 scholarship programs and awarded more than $155,000 last year to over 90 local students. Graduating high school seniors, current college students, and adult continuing education candidates from Dare County, Currituck County, and Ocracoke are eligible to apply.

Scholarships range from one-time awards of $250, to four-year awards totaling $24,000.

“We have scholarships for a huge diversity of students,” said Lorelei Costa, Executive Director of the Community Foundation. “Art majors, math majors, musicians, firefighters, tennis players, law enforcement majors, cheerleaders, community college students, vocational students, and more — all are encouraged to apply.”

Students can CLICK HERE (link now disabled) to begin an online application. Applicants begin the process by completing a short questionnaire, which quickly and easily directs them to the scholarships for which they’re eligible.

From there, students complete one common application, upload one transcript, submit any required essays, and apply for all Community Foundation scholarships for which they are eligible, all in one place. Teachers and community members can provide confidential recommendations online, without having to make multiple copies.

Though many of the Community Foundation’s scholarships are merit-based, the majority of awards consider financial need. For the need-based awards, students are required to complete a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and upload the resulting Student Aid Report into their application.

“If I could give one tip to every applicant, it would be: Start early!” said Costa. “Please don’t wait until March 27 to begin your application. We have a strict deadline, and if you start too late, you might not get your recommendation letters and Student Aid Report in time.”

Scholarship funds have been generously donated from individuals, families, businesses, nonprofits, civic groups, and government agencies to help local students pursue higher education. Any community member can establish a scholarship fund with the Community Foundation by calling Lorelei Costa at 252-261-8839.

All scholarship winners will be announced at their schools’ Senior Awards Night in May and June.

Local Nonprofits Invited to OBX Town Hall Meeting

Join the NC Center for Nonprofits, the Outer Banks Community Foundation, and the Outer Banks Community Services Collaborative on Friday, March 18 for a Nonprofit Town Hall meeting to get a preview of major trends, threats, and opportunities for nonprofits in 2016.

Last year, nonprofits were at the center of many of the biggest state policy debates. In 2016, many of these issues will continue to be critically important to nonprofits.

Please join us for a discussion of these issues at a Nonprofit Town Hall Meeting on Friday, March 18 from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm at the Outer Banks Hospital’s Medical Office Building in the Starboard Room on the 2nd floor. David Heinen (pictured), the Center’s Vice President for Public Policy and Advocacy, will be presenting.

At the Nonprofit Town Hall, local nonprofits will:

  • Hear the latest about trends in the nonprofit sector and recent (and upcoming) public policy developments affecting nonprofits’ tax exemption, ability to raise funds, and operations.
  • Discuss the public policy issues that matter most to your organization.
  • Learn the three things that your nonprofit needs to do to prepare your staff, board, volunteers, and the people you serve for 2016.

Click here to register for the meeting online; however, there is no cost to attend. You do NOT need to be a member of the Center for Nonprofits to attend. If you have problems registering, please call the Center at 919-790-1555.

See you at the meeting!