Giving Circle


Introducing OBX Giving For Good: A New Giving Circle for Outer Banks Families



A giving circle is a group of people who come together and pool donations to make high-impact grants to charities of their choosing. Giving circles are the latest trend in philanthropy for good reason: through a giving circle, we can leverage each other’s donations, select our charitable recipients together, and make a huge difference in our community.


We invite any family from the Outer Banks to join the OBX Giving for Good Giving Circle. We’re particularly targeting families with school-age children. Why? Philanthropy is a family ethic, and we want to involve our kids in giving back in a fun, family-friendly setting.


By all of us! We get together twice each fall to nominate and then select our charitable recipients. Any family can nominate a charity to the group, and every family gets an equal number of votes in the selection. The meetings are quick, easy, and fun. We also have optional volunteer days when we get together as a group to volunteer with the charities of our choosing.


You can join now through our online donation form! (Be sure to select “Giving for Good Giving Circle” when you make your gift.) Our donation deadline for 2016 will be announced soon! We suggest a minimum contribution of $250 per family for voting privileges. This includes $200 for the giving circle to distribute this year, $25 for the giving circle’s permanent charitable endowment, and $25 for your family’s Community Foundation membership. Your donation is 100% tax-deductible. And be sure to tell your friends… we are actively looking for more members!


Our 2016 meetings are being scheduled now – so check back with us!

Here’s how it’ll work. At our first meeting, every family will have a chance to pitch (nominate) their favorite charity to the group. At our second meeting, we’ll all vote to select the charity(s) to receive our pooled donations. Every family with an active membership will get an equal number of votes.

We encourage you to bring your kids to these meetings so they can participate. It’s fun! And if your family can’t make one or both of the meetings, not to worry. Your family can nominate and/or vote for your charity(s) of choice by email. We have an email list of all our members, so when you join we’ll add you to our list for all announcements.

Got more questions?

Visit our Facebook page, or contact us any time for more information.

Ready? Let’s give!