Your clients want professional advice on their charitable giving. A 2013 study by U.S. Trust and the Philanthropic Initiative found that 90% of high net worth individuals want to discuss philanthropy with their advisors — and want to discuss it within their first several meetings.

But philanthropy is not just for high net worth individuals. In fact, your client can establish an endowment fund at the Outer Banks Community Foundation with as little as $1,000 in year one.

And, contrary to stereotype, planned giving is not just for childless widow(er)s. Most of our fund donors have children and are including both family members and charitable organizations in their estate plans. (Some do both at the same time, through giving tools like charitable remainder trusts.)

So how and when do you start a conversation with your clients about philanthropy? A good opportunity is when your client is writing or revising a will, making estate plans, selling real estate, selling a business, purchasing life insurance, or receiving a financial windfall (such as an inheritance).

Here are some great ways to start the conversation:

  • “Do you currently volunteer for any charitable organizations?”
  • “I know you are very supportive of [your church, XYZ nonprofit]…  Have you thought about continuing your support through your estate plan?”
  • “Are you making charitable gifts now that you would like to continue after your death?”
  • “Is there a charitable organization that has made a difference in your life or that of a family member?”


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